About the ITS-directive

ITS Directive (2010/40 / EU) is an action plan to implement the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) in the road transport system and the interface to other modes of transport.

The increased volume of transport on the roads of the Union and citizens' demands for mobility involves a high load on the infrastructure and increased energy consumption. This in turn leads to environmental problems. In order to overcome these problems, the EU adopted a framework for intelligent transport systems will be introduced and used in a coordinated and coherent way.

By road users as well as dispatchers have access to innovative services they will be better informed and able to make use of transport networks in a safer and more coordinated way.

Priority areas of ITS
EU under the Directive to issue a set of binding rules for the different areas of ITS. The following areas are priorities, and for those preparing the Union common specifications and standards:
optimal use of road, traffic and travel data
continuity of ITS services for traffic and freight management
ITS applications in support of road safety and security
Linking the vehicle with the transport infrastructure

priority actions
In the menu you will find information about the measures which the EU has issued on priority actions. Some of them already apply from 1 October 2015. On the EU website you can take part of the whole directive and the underlying acts.

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